Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wood Elf Update

Since I wanted to do something besides the standard dryad models, I read the army book entry for inspiration. It noted that dryads will often take female form to lure their victim into the forest before transforming into their war-aspect and ripping them limb from limb. I figure the daemonette body offers the beguiling beauty of these spirit-women.

The dryads must get done!  After tacking on some dryad parts to the daemonette bodies, I am pleased enough to commit the daemonette figs to some hardcore conversion.  I'll start by clipping off the claws and using the dremel tool to remove what doesn't clip easily.  I ordered a bunch of dryad bitz off ebay, and I've got them separated into arms, heads, back, and base bitz.  I'll greenstuff and glue the bodies into the gf9 bases and tack on the dryad bitz to make sure I like the feel of the units and have enough variation.  Then I'll carve the dryad bitz to fit to the daemonette bodies before drilling and pinning.  This will be followed by greenstuff work in the joints.