Friday, May 27, 2011

Evil Dwarfs

Okay, I have spent a few paint sessions with @ginger_buddha and Tupp, and I followed miniature mentor video instructions.  I am too embarrassed to display any results, but I am a HUGE fan of the following painting techniques now:

- Thinning paint for better graduation and leaving detail
- Using a hair dryer to speed up drying
- Glazing to tint
- Shadowing down and highlighting up
- Using A LOT of light
- Mixing paints for color interest and increased subtlety in transitions

I am satisfied that extra effort is very much worthwhile, and that I can keep the increase in painting time per fig from becoming boring.  I'm going to try another test fig this weekend, and I'll post the results.

I've also gotten a lot of feedback on my army list.  Plus, I watched renowned dwarf general, Gary Luthor, play a game or two at the Midwest Rampage to pick up some dwarf tips.  The primary decision for me is whether to 1) spend max allowed points on a lord and runelord, 2) to increase unit sizes, or 3) to add a unit of hammerers.  My 2000 pt army list below is aimed at option 3) to maximize troops and having five unit banners for a fortitude of eight.

2000 Pts - Dwarfs Roster
Runesmith General, 127 pts (Shield, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Challenge; Rune of Spellbreaking x1)
Thane BSB, 155 pts (Master Rune of Gromril; Rune of Preservation; Rune of Resistance)

10 Thunderers, 165 pts (Mus; Std; Light Armour; Shield)
10 Thunderers, 165 pts (Mus; Std; Light Armour; Shield)
20 Longbeard Rangers, 345 pts (Mus; Std; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield)
      Runic Standard (Ancestor Rune x1; Rune of Determination)

20 Slayers, 238 pts (Mus; Std)
20 Hammerers, 258 pts (Mus; Std; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour)
Cannon, 125 pts (Rune of Burning; Rune of Reloading; Engineer w/ Brace of Pistols)
Grudge Thrower, 160 pts (Rune of Accuracy; Rune of Penetrating x1; Rune of Reloading; Engineer w/ Brace of Pistols)

Organ Gun, 120 pts
Gyrocopter, 140 pts

Composition Report:

Points of Lords: 0 (0 - 500)
Points of Heroes: 282 (0 - 500)
Points of Core: 675 (500 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 781 (0 - 1000)
Points of Rare: 260 (0 - 500)
Total Roster Cost: 1998

Monday, May 2, 2011

Evil Dwarfs!

It is time!  Time to start my next army.  I am really psyched, as I have been planning this one for some time.  I've got conversion plans and creative use of OOP figs and new components for the signature units.  I have locked on to a paint scheme, and I hope to spend the next eight months laboring on conversions and appearance to help me garner appearance soft score points at tournaments.  I am aimed at unveiling the army at Waaagh!Paca in January 2012 - hands down, my favorite tourney of the year.  Unfortunately, the tourney is only 2000 pts.  However, that means I have less figs to get done for the unveiling, and I can add later to build up for the 2400 pt tournies.

And the army will be - DWARFS!  What, yes I do already have a dwarf army.  However, I have plans for 7 separate dwarf armies.  The first one I painted is an above ground ranger expedition with no gunpowder.  This one is something I have never seen anyone do, and I have never heard anyone else talk about doing it.  I'll be fielding EVIL DWARFS using the regular dwarf army book.  I call them "evil" instead of "chaos" for this reason.  I will not be using the chaos dwarf rules - at least to start out with.  Also, you won't see the typical chaos dwarf hats or beards.

At this time, my 2000 pt list is as follows:

Dwarf Lord, 266 pts (Great Weapon; Shieldbearers)
 Runic Weapon +1 to hit GW
  - Master Rune of Kragg the Grim
  - Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm
 Runic Armor re-rollable 1+, no KB
  - Rune of Resistance
  - Rune of Stone
  - Rune of Preservation

Runesmith, 122 pts (Shield)
 Runic Talisman
  - Master Rune of Challenge
  - Rune of Spellbreaking x1

Thane Battle Standard Bearer, 155 pts
 Runic Armor re-rollable 1+, no KB
  - Master Rune of Gromril
  - Rune of Preservation
  - Rune of Resistance

15 Thunderers, 250 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer; Veteran with Brace of Pistols, Shields)

20 Longbeards, 275 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer; Shield)
1 Runic Standard (Rune of Determination)

18 Slayers, 216 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer)

19 Hammerers, 291 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer)
1 Runic Standard (Rune of Battle; Rune of Determination)

Cannon, 125 pts (Rune of Burning; Rune of Reloading)
1 Engineer (Brace of Pistols)

Grudge Thrower, 160 pts (Rune of Accuracy; Rune of Penetrating x1; Rune of Reloading)
1 Engineer (Brace of Pistols)

Gyrocopter, 140 pts (Flyer)

Composition Report:

Points of Lords: 266 (0 - 500)
Points of Heroes: 277 (0 - 500)
Points of Core: 525 (500 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 792 (0 - 1000)
Points of Rare: 140 (0 - 500)

The hammerers, stone thrower, and cannon are for effectiveness. I have to have the slayers, thunderers, and gyrocopter because I have conversion plans for them, and I'm a fan of the gyro. I don't *have* to have the longbeards, but need to keep 500 core. I considered two unit of thunderers, but better to have one of each unit in a "painter's army". Could trade in the hammerers to make the other units larger...we'll see.  Reloading and engineers with BoP on the artillery to keep them alive and firing.