Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wood Elf Update 20Dec09

So I am very pleased with this dremel bit. I was able to remove the draped cloths from between the wardancer legs with great ease, accurate and clean. Next is the arduous bending of legs to conform to the woodelf steeds. Digging it. (Painting in the two pics above is not my doing, and not what it is going to end up like.)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wood Elf Update 6Dec09

Today I assembled the rest of the horses for the army. I then selected the wardancer figs for the two wardancer units, the glade riders, and the wild riders. I took care to have no duplicates in any unit, and I put the bigger hair models in the wild rider unit. Browsing through bits for musician instruments, I noticed the glade rider cloaks. I think the wardancers in the glade rider unit will be adorned with cloaks and spears on their backs and bows on their saddles. This will distinguish the glade riders from the wild riders. I've got enough wardancers left to be hawk riders. Although the hawk rider unit isn't part of my prime path list, I think wardancers riding hawks look fantastic. They will potentially be in my list for softer tournaments, and they'll carry the wardancer theme even further. I also have enough 2nd/3rd edition wardancers with light armour to be a unit of eternal guard if I need to get my core percentage up for tourneys like Core Competency.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wood Elf Update 5Dec09

I have gotten a couple things accomplished, and I remain inspired to get pretty far with my time off this month. I've inked the flesh of the archers for the army, and I'm quite happy with it. Looking forward to using the emerick flesh technique on these elves. Gotta say,"I'm a fan." Started assembling the horses for the glade riders and wild riders. Can't wait to get the wardancer riders on them. I've decided to paint stuff on regular bases and move them to GF9 bases once I've worked out a basing plan. This will let me play while I paint without getting delayed by basing trials and decisions.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wood Elf Painting

So, I have tons of the regiment of renown Skarloc's archers. I decided to save some I had with a hideous paint job as seen below by trying out a blue and grey basecoat.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wood Elf Army List

I've constructed the army list for my next 2250 pt Warhammer army. My goal is to get it painted by May 15th, 2010 for the Midwest Rampage - or perhaps a variant that scores higher than its current score of 15 on WPS. It is going to be wardancer focused with wardancer cavalry. I am going to use 3rd and 4th edition wardancer figs, 3rd edition regiment of renown Skarloc's Archers, and convert the dryads using plastic dryad arms and 6th edition metal daemonettes. I haven't figured out what I want to use for the tree kin, but I have both old and new figs. The paint scheme is currently a medium blue tunics, light grey pants, dark brown weapons, and tattooed skin. I am highly considering a winter wolf theme. I intend to go to town on basing and the display base, but haven't got a clear picture of them other than twig strewn winter forest ground.

Wardancer Highborn Blades of Loec, Stone of Crystal Mere, An Annoyance of Netlings 285 pts
Alter Noble The Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow 158 pts
Lvl2 Spellsinger Divination Orb, Dispel Scroll 175 pts
Lvl1 Branchwraith A Cluster of Radiants, A Pageant of Strikes 165 pts

5 Glade Riders Musician 129 pts
10 Glade Guard 120 pts
10 Glade Guard 120 pts
8 Dryads 96 pts
8 Dryads 96 pts

8 Wardancers Musician 151 pts
8 Wardancers Musician 151 pts
4 Tree Kin 260 pts
7 Wild Riders Full command, War Banner 243 pts

Great Eagle 50 pts
Great Eagle 50 pts