Sunday, January 17, 2010

Warhammer Collection Update

I created a website to summarize my warhammer collection and the army lists I had in mind while collecting it.  I thoroughly enjoy making army lists, and I've put much thought into these after long discussions with friends.  My lists are not optimized army lists for winning tournaments.  Rather they are heavily based on theme while circling balance and providing a fun game.  I posted 13 out of the 40 army summaries, and have links to armybuilder, HTML, and TXT files.  I intend to delve into explaining the theme, army selection, and posting pics of the figs after I get the rest of the army lists posted.  I have a link to my warhammer collection webpage in the links section of this blog.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wood Elf Update Jan 10th

This weekend I greenstuffed the horses of the army into GF9 magnetic bases. I bent the legs of all the glade riders (5) and wild riders (7) to the horses. It almost took three hands to do this. I used many folds of paper towel to protect their legs from the needle-nose pliers, and I used many small bends to prevent the metal from cracking. I often had to reorient the feet as these had all been foot troops to start out with. I tried to get the bend at the knee that riders would have to hold on to the horse. I then pinned the riders to their horses so they wouldn't just crack off at some tourney during play. The wild rider standard bearer is a very old fig, and his hand fatigued off while I was drilling a hole in it for the standard. So I took the standard arm of the glade riders, cut off the arm, and pinned the hand and standard to his arm. I haven't decided what to do for a standard top, but I'm glad his hand broke now instead of after I got done painting a standard to it. There would be no chance of reattaching his hand in that case.

My wife also wanted the corner of our bedroom cleaned up. So I moved the desk to the basement, and now I have a great work area closer to all my stuff! I should have done that a long time ago.

Next is to add the capes, spears, and bows to the five glade riders. I will pin the sword that broke off of the middle one's right hand and give him a horn in his left hand. I carved the horn out of a glade rider hand to attach onto one of the wild riders as well. Gotta have musicians!