Monday, January 24, 2011

Wood Elf Update

Here are pics of my wardancer-themed wood elf army for Waaagh!Paca 2011.  I spent a lot of time on the conversions, and it was painted to this stage in just one week with intense nightly focus.  A huge thanks to my friends Joe Rogers for paint night input and inspiration and to Caius for help with the color scheme and help basecoating.  I went 2-2-1 with it, and tied for second place sports.  I'm looking forward to carrying through with more highlights, details, and an involved display base.
Wardancer-themed Wood Elf Army for Waaagh!Paca 2011

Eternal Guard (with Mage and General on front right)

Glade Riders (front)

Glade Riders (side)

Glade Riders (back)
Warhawk Riders

Wild Riders

Dryads (front)

Dryads (top)

Treekin Unit 1

Treekin Unit 2

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wood Elf Update

Got the dryads assembled and based except for their heads.  I am loving the dryad bits on daemonette bodies.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wood Elf Update

I have gotten organized to assemble my dryads which are converted with daemonette bodies and to assemble my warhawks.  With luck, I'll get these mostly done tonight.

I've realized I will only have 1 week to paint the entire army.  So I will be using washes galore.

Wood Elf Update

I converted two standards, a wild rider and a glade rider.  I used decorated elf swords on the tops of the standards.  Note, the glade rider's quiver goes under his hair.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wood Elf Update

So, after about an 8 month hiatus, I was able to get a lot done over Christmas break.

I revised my 2000 pt list as such:

1 Highborn @ 255.0 pts (Eternal Kindred; General; The Rhymer's Harp; An Annoyance of Nettlings)

1 Lvl3 Spellweaver @ 245.0 pts (Wildheart, Stone of Rebirth)

12 Dryads @ 144.0 pts
15 Eternal Guard @ 210.0 pts (Full command)
5 Glade Riders @ 147.0 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer)

3 Warhawk Riders @ 120.0 pts
7 Wild Riders of Kurnous @ 225.0 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer; War Banner)
4 Tree Kin @ 260.0 pts
4 Tree Kin @ 260.0 pts

Total Roster 1999 pts

Then I built 7 of the 8 treekin
I greenstuffed the loin cloths on the wild riders (shown) and glade riders along with applying cork and pumice to the bases.
Then I converted the 4 of the 5 glade riders to have bows, capes, spears, and a musician.  I plan to convert the standard bearer this week.

Then I planned the display base, and I got some woodland scenic tree materials.  In addition I got lightweight hydrocal casting plaster and rock molds.