Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rodge Podge 2011

I got the 24 squig hoppers deflashed, filed, and pinned when needed.  Some were used and are soaking in simple green to remove the paint.  I've super glued the rest to bases.

Some of the squig hopper figs have one foot raised.  This creates a dilemma.  I don't want the support pin to be visible on the final fig.  However, if I cut it off, the remaining metal fig joint to the tab is very fragile.  So, on the ones that only had 5mm of support pin, I plan to leave it and hide it with basing.  I only trimmed the right foot of the ones shown on the left here.  The OOP figs, like on the right, have a more substantial joint to the tab making this a non-issue.

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