Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rodge Podge 2011

Success!  I had an amazingly awesome time at Joe Roger's warhammer event, the Rodge Podge.  I was successful in getting my Blue Balls of Fury army painted in six days.  It was so much in theme with the event, that I will abstain from posting it here.  In fact, I was very happy to give a couple of the overly-themed conversions to Hastings and Golke when they called dibs on them.  Most importantly, I was successful in winning the Ryan Golke Certificate of Achievement that went out to the loser that put together an army entirely of his own models, and even worse, painted it in a matching theme.  Oddly, there were no other contenders for this award.  So I won it "my favorite way, by default."

Game 1, I faced Klemic's world record template artillery army.  Hellcannon, dwarf cannon, lighting cannon, trebuchet, pigeon bombs, rocket battery, doom rocket, brass orb, and three mortars.  He decimated everything before it touched him except for my bruiser general and giant.  Thankfully, they rampaged through his artillery backfield to get over 1400 victory points.  I have played Klemic at at least 4 tournies now, and we always have a great time.

Game 2, I faced Bruin's army of combat plus a lone troll.  We had reviewed the published tourney lists on our ride up, and we had identified Bruin's list as a strong contender with his beast banner, khorne marauder horde with great weapons, and phoenix guard.  My ironguts took 9 wounds from his marauder charge, but dealt 24 back even before stomps.  Somehow, he still beat me...or maybe I should have checked his math.  I guess did blow up my tzeentch herald on turn 1 with a miscast.  Bruin's was a superstar opponent.

Game 3, I played Horstmann's army of dwarfs, bloodletters, dryads, and skinks.  We were not in the running for overall, so we got to know eachother by chatting for a half hour and then we got some turns in.  One of my mangler squigs finally hit something - his skaven warlock.  He hilariously charged his brettonian paladin into my squig herd in the tower, killed one, and then got ripped to shreds.  On the other hand, his skinks caused 4 wounds with a stand and shoot reaction to my giant's charge.  Then they killed him before he even got to attack.  He fell on the skinks killing 8 of the 10.  His dwarf horde with hand weapon shield surprisingly held up my irongut horde for a few rounds, but I pulled ou the win.  Playing Horstmann was a great way to wrap up a great event.

This was yet another of my favorite warhammer events put on by the Pointhammered pack.  Awesome players, awesome facility, awesome beer, awesome partying with friends = awesome time!  Roadtripping, playing games, and hanging out with friends made the event.  A huge thanks to the Rodge and his support minions for putting it on and reinforcing why warhammer is my singular hobby for life.

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  1. Playing the a couple of the La Crosse crew in Bruins and Jerrod, generally guarantees a good time.