Monday, July 25, 2011

Rodge Podge 2011

Lord knows I should be painting, but I want to share my progress.

Over the weekend, I finished pinning and assembling the ogre BSB and basing the ogres.  I thought I'd share a bit on the technique I use to get pin holes to line up.  I'm starting from the point that you've already done any necessary carving for the parts to fit up in the desired orientation.

First, I determine the placement of the pin that will provide the most depth for the holes and avoid drilling through thin wall sections.  Basically, I want to drill in the most "beefy" section of the joint I can locate.  I choose one of the parts, and I twist the point of the exacto knife where I intend to drill to give a starting location that will help the drill get a bite in the figure and avoid the drill bit "walking" off location.  I then drill the first hole.

Then, I use a bit of poster tack.  I push it pretty flat on to the surface of the part that hasn't been drilled.

I place the parts together enough that the drilled hole will leave an impression in the poster tack, but lightly enough that the poster tack won't stick to the piece that has already been drilled.  The impression in the tack will leave a raised area where the hole was, and that is the location to drill the second piece. I use the exacto knife again to twist a starting location.

Then I remove the poster tack, and drill the second hole at the appropriate angle.  I find the angle doesn't matter as much if I use the smaller, thinner paper clips for my pins.  I roll green stuff skinnier than the hole I drilled, and I cut off a length about the depth of the hole.  I use the exacto knife to place the green stuff in the hole.  I then do this to the other hole.  Then I add super glue to the green stuff-filled holes, add the pin, and shove the pieces together in the correct orientation.  The green stuff fills the hole around the pin which makes it a solid joint.  The super glue plus the green stuff makes for a really strong bond, and it dries quickly.  So make sure to get the pieces together before it sets, which may be less than 30 seconds.

So, I've finished assembling the army except for a couple finishing touches on the Tzeentch herald on disc.  It was a great feeling to get everything primed tonight.  Now, I have a few days to paint the entire army before we depart on Friday for the tourney.

Gotta admit, I'm pleased with the giant conversion as well.  Definately in theme with army and the event.  Warning: Giant nuts ahead.  And yes, that is a squig.

And lastly tonight, I got the bases basecoated.

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